Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Exciting news

Well I have been very busy since my last post contacting companies for sponsorship, working, training and planning :)

I took part in the great Eastern run this weekend and was very pleased only a week after my first Ultra to come home with a PB of 2:09 - I know I could have pushed harder on this one as well but I managed to get a stitch which wouldn't shift for the last 2 miles grrrrrrr

We have also had some more good news this week

For Goodness shakes agreed to help us out by supplying us with sports drinks and recovery drinks for our training. It was like Christmas when I got home yesterday to find this lot in my living room :)

INCREDIBLE !!!!! I did my workout this morning and afterwards had one of the vanilla shakes with water it was absoloutly delicious. I can now look forward to my recovery shake after my workouts. Along with the powdered shakes that mix with water they also sent us some of the milkshakes in superberry flavour so I am looking forward to trying one of those after tomorrow nights run.

If any one is interested to try out the products for themselves you can find them HERE and the best thing - they aren't going to be putting their prices up when the VAT goes on to sports drinks - they have infact decided to REDUCE their prices !!!!

I will keep you updated on how I get on with the different products - I am especially looking forward to trying out the nectar fuel as I have heard great things about this.

We have more exciting news coming up soon so keep an eye out over the next few days

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