Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some new sponsors

When Sarah and I started this challenge we thought we would write to a few companies to see if we could get any help with the costs for the event and also help getting equipment, never did we think we would be so overcome with support and I would like to say a massive thank you to the following companies;

Our Main sponsor
J&M electrical wholesalers based in Burntwood Staffordshire (where Sarah lives) have kindly agreed to part fund our trip - we are both so greateful for their help with this thank you so so much.

Music Box St Ives
The Music box in St Ives where I work weekends has also agreed to help with funding for the trip again thanks so much for your help.

We have also received support from the following companies

Rock Tape

Rock tape are kindly sending us over some roles of tape to use in training and in the desert


Sheewee are very kindly sending us over some sheewees to try and for use in the desert - I am sure that these will become invaluable. - Boys you dont know how easy you've got it


OMM have agred to allow us a 30% discount off their products - I plan on using this to get my new backpack (following the un happy accident with the first one) and possibly a jacket so thank you OMM.

Trion Z

Trion Z have sent us each one of their bracelets to test - I am going to go in to how these work in a seperate blog post but I can honestly say after being very sceptical about if they would work or not i can say that I am certainly seeing a difference - I am now sleeping a lot better even before difficult races or training runs where as usually i wouldnt sleep for worrying - very pleased so far

I have another exciting new sponsor to announce in the next day or so so keep reading :)

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